Corporate Wellness

corporate wellnessHulsebus Rockford Chiropractic offers corporate wellness.  Dr. Brant Hulsebus has completed a post-graduate study in Wellness. Currently, he also is one of seven chiropractors who serve on the board of directors of the Wellness Counsel who govern the Wellness educational program. With this knowledge, our Doctors offer several services in the Wellness field.

1. Wellness workshops –

Our doctors can travel to your company and teach wellness workshops on several different topics – Diet, stretching, exercise, balance, supplementation, and many more topics.  Today many insurance programs require wellness plans.  We have come in and done projects like organizing walks, creating challenges like water drinking, stair climbing, and other other goal achieving activities. Because we have worked with so many different companies we have a model that would work for you.  First we find your goals,  Secondly we create games and contest to achieve these goals.  Finally, we show up and help run it.

2.  Wellness clinics –

Our doctors travel to your company to provide your employee’s chiropractic care. Besides the Rockford IceHogs, we also travel to Meiborg Brothers Trucking now. Imagine being at work and having the ability to receive chiropractic care at work.  We place an adjusting table at the company and find one day week to stop out and provide care.  The care we provide is the same level of care one would receive at our clinic.  Computers today allow us to work remotely while keeping all the charting current, for instance.

3. Wellness leadership teams –

Our doctors volunteer on several corporate wellness teams for different companies. Often HR departments are asked to work on wellness ideas for the company. We are happy to attend meetings or meet with individual HR personal.


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