Our Chiropractor’s favorite things.  This page is full of things our own Chiropractors use everyday.  Did you want the same vitamins and supplements that Dr Hulsebus and his family take?  Have you heard one of our Chiropractors podcast, webinar, or lecture and want the product they discusses?  We have made it easy and have them here now available to you.

Same as Us

Over the years many of you have asked Dr Hulsebus to sell the supplements he recommended.  Due to COVID and the struggle of going out to shop, we decided to carry products.  You do to need to research products now, as we have done the research for you.

Learn More

Click on each one to learn more about them.  Dr Hulsebus has even made short videos discussing the use and why for each product.  If you have any questions let us know.

Pick up only

Hopefully we will ship someday, however all these supplements are kept in the refrigerator as shipping is a challenge.

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