TikTok and Chiropractic

For most part TikTok and chiropractic are not friends.  Most of TikTok does not actually demonstrate what happens at a chiropractic practice.  There are two ways it this shows.  First the crazy so called chiropractic adjustments.  Secondly their are nurses claiming false things about the dangers of care.


Goofy Techniques and Half Dressed People

First are we see TikTok fail to represent chiropractic is the goofy adjusting they do.  First there is no rig dinger in chiropractic.  Why do I say this, simple, it is not taught in chiropractic schools.  Nor is it required knowledge to pass your national boards.  Not taught nor tested on, hence not chiropractic.  Secondly no one should have to wear just a swimming suit to get care.  This is absolutely not a real thing.  Some doctors might have you gown, but you will not be in the clinic half naked.


There are lots of nurses spreading lies about chiropractic.  Stating that we are dangerous.  I like to let people know chiropractors have one of the lowest rates of malpractice insurance.  If we are dangerous, surely our malpractice would be high.  But let me share with you some history.

Wilk vs AMA

The AMA vs. Wilk case was a lawsuit filed in 1976 by a group of chiropractors against the American Medical Association (AMA) and other medical organizations, alleging that they had engaged in a conspiracy to eliminate chiropractic as a legitimate healthcare profession. The case, which lasted for over a decade, resulted in a landmark decision that found the AMA guilty of anti-competitive behavior and violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.

The plaintiffs in the case, led by chiropractor Chester Wilk, claimed that the AMA had engaged in a campaign of defamation and intimidation against chiropractors, including efforts to discredit the profession and limit patients’ access to chiropractic care. The plaintiffs argued that these actions were motivated by the AMA’s desire to protect its own financial interests, as well as its belief that chiropractic was an unproven and potentially dangerous form of healthcare.

The case was initially dismissed by a lower court, but in 1980, the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed the decision and found the AMA guilty of violating the Sherman Antitrust Act. The court found that the AMA had engaged in a “systematic, long-term campaign” to undermine chiropractic.  This campaign had “inhibited competition in the health care industry.”

As a result of the ruling, the AMA was required to stop engaging in anti-chiropractic practices and to issue a public statement acknowledging its past behavior. The case also helped to legitimize chiropractic as a healthcare profession and paved the way for increased insurance coverage of chiropractic services.

Overall, the AMA vs. Wilk case was an important moment in the history of chiropractic. This helping to establish its legitimacy as a healthcare profession and holding the AMA accountable for its anti-competitive behavior.


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