Viewing Library

Our Chiropractors have a huge Viewing Library

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite documentaries we have watched from our own viewing library.  Because we try to stay current with the newest things in health care watch many documentaries.  Below you will find some of the videos we wanted to share.  First you will see the video names.  Secondly you will see the the videos names are links to Amazon.  Finally you can go to Amazon and purchase the video.  We also added a few from some of the streaming services you might use.  So if you have Netflix or Hulu just search out a few of these titles.  Because new videos come out all the time, make sure you keep checking.  So, if you have read a video on health and want to recommended it let us know.  We might add it to our list.

Netflix Video Library

Human the world within, What the Health, Down to Earth, are all streamable on Netflix.

Hulu Viewing Library

The Weight of the Nation, One Nation Under Stress are few to watch on Hulu.


These are some of our favorite documentaries on health and wellness.