School & Technique

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All of our Doctors went to Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Our doctors use the Palmer package adjusting techniques.

Our Chiropractors use the techniques required to give you the adjustment you need.  We study various different techniques because different people need different care.  Chiropractic adjustments are our main focus, you will not see other things here.  Supplements, pillows, and other products are helpful but take away the focus of the chiropractic adjustment.  Therefor, we do not offer products here but can refer you to where you can get them if needed.

WIth five different Chiropractors you might find better success with one of us vs another one.  We all work as a team to give you the best care. So when you are seeing one you need to know the whole team has worked together to find the best plan for you.  Because of this it is like you are seeing five chiropractors not just one.

We also are certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant women and have completed additional post-graduate classes for adjusting newborns and children.

Our Doctors also have studied and work with the ICA Wellness council to become certified in Wellness and offer both personal wellness and corporate wellness help.

Our technique was also taught to use from the previous generations of Chiropractors who worked here before us.  Dr Palmer Himself was Dr Bob Hulsebus instructor.  Because of this family connection, Dr Bob Hulsebus taught Dr Mike Hulsebus, who taught Dr Brant Hulsebus.  Drs Roger and James Hulsebus have been known to stop by and help mentor as well.

Our Doctors