What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?

First Visit Expectations

Often people are skeptical about going to a doctor’s office because they don’t know what all is going to be necessary to get care started. At Hulsebus Chiropractic, we like to prepare everyone ahead of time to make the initial transition into care a lot easier and comfortable. There are a lot of necessary steps that legally have to get done before care starts, but the more you know about our office and the more we know about you, the easier it is to get started.

A first visit begins with a warm welcome to our clinic followed by some gathering of some personal information. This information is pertinent to getting to know you and your condition better. To save some time in our office (15-20 minutes) all of this information can be submitted prior to you showing up by visiting www.rockforddc.com and clicking on the “New Patient Forms” link. If you can’t fill out the information prior to showing up then the information is collected digitally on an iPad so it can be easily transferred into our electronic health records system.

Once the new patient intake forms are completed and uploaded, a new patient sits down with our consultation staff where they collect any extra information needed to complete the intake forms. Insurance cards and IDs are collected to be scanned and then the patient is escorted to our new patient room.

New Patient Room

In our “New Patient Room,” the patient formally meets the doctor that will fit their specific needs. The doctor will then review the intake information with the patient and then ask the patient any extra questions to gain more information about the patient’s condition.  Any preliminary questions are answered at this point and some chiropractic patient education is presented to the patient if necessary. Once the consultation with the doctor is complete the doctor will determine if x-rays are necessary and if so they will be performed at that time.

After the necessary digital x-rays are processed, a formal examination is done to evaluate the patient’s condition. The examination helps the doctor identify primary and secondary causes of the patient’s presenting condition. After the examination, the doctor will review the digital x-rays and examination findings and then discuss the proper chiropractic protocol with the patient prior to any treatment being performed.

Once all pre-adjustment questions are finalized the patient will get on the table to be adjusted by the doctor. Once all necessary adjustments are performed the table will be raised and the doctor may have further questions after the adjustment.

Once all necessary treatment is done the patient will be walked up front to sit down with our consultation staff again to schedule any necessary future appointments and discuss payment options. Once all of the information is gathered from our consultation staff that concludes a first office visit.





Fill out the following forms and submit them prior to your first visit to Hulsebus Chiropractic. No need to print them.


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