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Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic

Here at Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic clinic we try to make ourselves available to talk.  You can email us.  If you have an urgent question I would suggest calling us instead.  Today there are many ways to contact someone, almost too many.  We have dedicated people to answer the phone calls but not emails. We check the emails once or twice a day.

Insurance Questions

For any insurance inquiries we would ask you to call first.  When calling insurance companies there is information we need from you.  f you call us first then we can obtain the information needed to better answer your questions.  Because of the amount of information needed it is best to call us first.  We will always do our best to check your benefits.  Ultimately though it is your insurance and we recommend you checking yourself.

Social Media

We are on most social media.  We invite you to find us there.  However we usually only check that once a day.  Because we are busy seeing patients we do not have the ability to monitor social media messages.  So please check us out and watch our videos, but if you leave us messages there know it might be a few days.

Contacting Us

So here it is.  First alway call in, we are ready to answer the phones.  Secondly, email is the next best way.  Thirdly, social media is another choice but will take the longest for a response.

Canceling or requesting Appointments

Currently the only way to add or cancel an appointment is by calling.  We are working aggressively to add this online and will announce we it is available.