Colic & Chiropractic

Causes of Colic

Does your baby cry and cry for no apparent reason? Nothing you do seems to comfort the baby. It’s called infantile colic and it is miserable. Because the causes of which are still vastly unknown but there are some things we know about it. Allergies have been found to play a role. Firstly, the baby is allergic to cows milk. Secondly, allergic to something the breastfeeding mom has eaten. Dairy is the most common food allergy. Because of this, mom and baby need to stop dairy. Lastly, the trauma of birth. During the birthing process, sometimes, they’re can be pulling on the spine.  This pulling force, for instance, can cause misalignments.  Above all, chiropractors refer to this a subluxation.   Simply put it is a spinal distortion causing stress and damage to nerves and impeding function which can have a wide range of effects on the body causing colic.

How can Chiropractic help?

Chiropractors have been studying and correcting this condition for over a hundred years.  Patients include millions of infants, babies, and adults. For example Dr. L.L. Kraus writes of a 9 -1/2 month old female child with colic. The child was adjusted in the upper neck, mid back and sacrum. The following day the mother reports that the child slept through the night and woke up happy and playful the next day.

One doctor refers to the chiropractic subluxation as the KISS, for “kinematic imbalances due to sub-occipital strain.” He has treated over 600 babies with colic. The adjustment was “fastest and most effective way to treat,” found from his research. In conclusion, one adjustment was found sufficient in most cases.

Another medical researcher calls the subluxation, “atlas fixation syndrome.”

After examining 1,250 infants 5 days after birth he found that 25% were suffering from this condition. Symptoms include ear, nose and throat infections; two cases of insomnia; two cases of cranial bone asymmetry; torticollis; conjunctivitis; tonsillitis; rhinitis; earache; extreme neck sensitivity; incipient scoliosis; delayed hip development; seizures; vomiting; irritability and sleeplessness. As the author noted treatment [ the chiropractic adjustment] frequently resulted in immediate relief of symptoms.

Is chiropractic safe for infants

Clinical experience has shown that the chiropractic adjustment is very safe and comfortable even for newborns. “Every infant with colic should get their spine checked for a subluxation,” says Dr. Webster. He would later add “it could not only be the difference between an unhealthy child and a healthy one, but between a sleepless parent and one without dark circles under their eyes. Sometimes I don’t know who the chiropractic adjustment is going to make happier, the child or the parent.”

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