Wellness Notes

Wellness Notes

Are you looking for our wellness notes? Have you been somewhere and heard our doctors presenting?  If so this is the page with the handouts we discussed.  You found it.  First look below at the names of the note.  Second click on the names in blue.  Finally they will take you to a site where you can see or download the information.  If you are having problems finding something give us a call or contact us.

Other Stuff

Do you see other stuff here that maybe you’re curious about?  Click away.  If you have any questions regarding what you have read let us know. You are welcomed to either hit contact us or bring it in to your next appointment.  We are happy to discuss all the topics in more detail next time you have a visit with us.

Interested in These Topics

If you see anything here that sparks an interest let us know.  First we can provide more information. Secondly we set up a group meeting and present on these topics.  Lastly if COVID is an issue, we can do a zoom or Internet meeting and discuss these topics.  Our Chiropractors have done extensive studies in many areas of health besides basic Chiropractic.  If you have another topic you do not see here and want to see if we can present let us know.  Dr Hulsebus once did an hour presentation on happiness, as you can guess we are happy to look into many topics.


Supplement List

Dirty 12 and Clean 15


Alzheimer’s prevention

Post Brain Injury

30 minutes of walking


Click Here for a list of local Farms

R2L the Cell phone thing

Go Ferment  The fermentation kits Dr. Brant uses

Neuro Degernative Flow Chart

Snow Shoveling tips

Big Five



Hips Stretch


Golf Exercises

Paraliminal Recharge

wellness notes