Chiropractic Services

Hulsebus Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic services and techniques and has been serving the Stateline area since 1949.  We are the team chiropractors for every pro team in Rockford.  Go where the pros go!

Our main technique is the Palmer Package, this includes Toggle/recoil, Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead and others.  If you have any technique questions give us a call.

Our Doctors use the Webster Technique for pregnancies.laptop with stethoscope - chiropractic services

Advance training in pediatric adjustments from ICPA and ICA classes.

We Use Digital X-rays.

Full EHR certified records.

Our doctors work on learning several adjusting styles to match our patients’ needs.


We work with several other clinics in town should your needs go beyond what we have to offer.

We are part of many medical networks here in town.  Because of these relationships should you need care elsewhere we can help.

Being team Chiropractors we work directly with other physicians around town.

Corporate Care

Can you impinge having your chiropractor come to your work and giving adjustments?  Well we do that!  Over the years we have worked with many companies.  To make this work we set up an adjusting table on site and visit to give care.  Typically the first first visit is in our Clinic where we take x-rays and exams.  From there we are able to provide remote care.  Because our computers allow us remote access, we can access your records and files to provide high quality care.  If you are interested in this service contact our clinic.


Do you need a speaker?  Many companies today need wellness speakers.  Dr Hulsebus is certified in wellness and can present.  We can speak on many different topics including vitamin and supplements, desk set-ups, stretching, diets, and many other topics.  If you want more information contact the clinic.