Health Videos

health videos

Health Videos

We want to share with you some YouTube videos we like.  Today finding health care content is a challenge. With that we added a few of our favorites here.  Some of these are chiropractic and others are just good healthy videos to watch. One of the them is Dr Murphy, for instance.  Dr Murphy is Dr Hulsebus favorite Professor. Please watch and enjoy.

Our YouTube

Did you know we have our own channel on YouTube?  Take a look.  We have here several videos for over the last ten years.  When you watch you might see a Chiropractor or two who used be in our Practice but since moved back to Iowa.  Please take a look, there are even old videos from the 80s on the page.  Because we have been around we have lots of old videos that we converted from VHS.  First watch for the educational ones.  Secondly watch for the humorous ones.  Finally watch for the older ones and watch how Dr Hulsebus age.  When you come in next time tell us which one you enjoyed the most.


Have you looked at our blog page?  Check it out here.  We create healthy videos blogs regularly.  First, every Monday we have “Ask the Chiropractor”. This is where people will ask us a question and Dr Hulsebus gives an easy answer.  Secondly, we have a monthly webinar.  During the webinar Dr Hulsebus does a deep dive into a health topic.  Each topic he presents research on that topic then explains it in simple terms for everyone.  Third we have random health tips.  A random health tip is something cool we learned along the way.  Random health tips are not always chiropractic related but just good knowledge.  Finally we have fun videos also.  Sometimes we just want to let our hair down and make fun of ourselves. There is a search bar and the topics are categorized.