1 or 6 Visits?

It is often asked should I come before or after an activity.  Or as we see it see it, come in for 1 or 6 visits.  Often we make chiropractic appointments based on what we are doing.  If I know I have a major landscaping project ahead should I come in before or after my project.  There are two thoughts on this, get adjusted before or get adjusted afterwards.


Many will make an appointment to get adjusted after a project or a round of golf.  The logic is, I will be hurting afterwards so might as well have an appointment.  Often it is thought every time mow the yard, play golf, or do whatever I hurt.  So if every time I finish a job I hurt, might as well make the appointment afterwards.  Here the logic is if I always hurt after might as well wait.


Others will come in before their project or activity.  We often hear “I want to be strong going into this job”.  “I know I am about to stress myself so I thought I better get in”.  This is often the people getting ready for a sporting event.  The IceHogs all get seen before the game.  Often before a long weekend of golf, people will want to get tuned up to help their score.

So What To Do

As a chiropractor I often say 1 visit before or 6 visits afterwards.  It is easier to stay well than it is to get well.  If you enter a physical activity healthy you are less likely to get hurt.  If you are already tight then do the activity you can really hurt yourself. Sometimes though if you come in before you might have to return again afterwards, but this would be for only one or two adjustments.  Conversely, the person who waits to come in until afterwards, they might be seen up to 6 visits.


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