20 Years

On June 21 it will mark twenty years since Dr Brant Hulsebus graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He is a third generation Palmer graduate.  He is the 7th person in his family to graduate from the school.  The Hulsebus Chiropractic Clinics started in Byron in 1949.  The Rockford clinic opened in 1979 as demand outgrew the Byron location.


It is fun today to look back at all the trends and efforts chiropractors in this area have tried.  Back in 2002 the Rockford area was full of these fancy decompression tables.  They were the best thing for your spine.  Using these tables was advertise to solve your spinal issues. Secondly, there was a large push by chiropractors here to start weight loss programs. Thirdly we saw many in this area have focused only on blood testing and treatments with supplements.  Finally, some have gone so far as to hire nurse practitioners so they can provide more services.

Staying the Course

Dr Mike Hulsebus (Dr Brant’s father) told Dr Brant on his first week that there would be new trends in our profession every five years.  His instructions were the same as Dr Bob Hulsebus’ (dr Brant’s Grandfather)  stay the course.  Be the best at detecting and delivering a great chiropractic adjustment.  When you take continue education classes focus on the adjustments not a hot trend.  Trust the research not salesman.


With this advice Dr Hulsebus has focused his post graduate studies.  He holds a certification in wellness, studying why your back needs to be adjusted and how to hold your adjustment longer.  Then got a certification in the Webster adjustment for pregnant women.  Spent two years studying care for new born babies.  Finally has studied care for athletes, young and old, professionals and weekend warriors.


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