Adult Vs Child Chiropractic Care

This week were were ask about adult vs child care at the Chiropractor.  Is there a different on how kids are adjusted vs adults?  How is care determined for a kid vs an adult? When does the care switch to adult like care?  Here at Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic we have seen both adults and children for chiropractic since 1949.  We have completed post graduate work in chiropractic care for children, newborns, babies, and patients who are pregnant.

Adjusting a Child

Adjusting a child is different than an adult for several reasons.  First the children do not have the muscle mass of an adult.  As a result, less force is need to preform an adjustment.  Second a child is young, therefore has not had time to build up years of bad habits.  This creates less posture issues and children get faster results.  Third small children and baby’s bones are still finishing growing.  Because they are still growing less direct force can be used.

Assessing a Child

Children are still growing so evaluating children must be preformed differently.  Since posture is still developing and bones are still growing, x-rays are not as helpful as an adult.  As a result more soft tissues and basic observation are more used.  Is there short leg?  Does the child show with head tilt?  For babies we notice how the skin and tissue react to small testers. To conclude, Kids are easy but different to evaluate.


Once a child enters puberty the care starts to change as well.  We will first try to perform a child adjustment. Secondly if the child adjustment does not work we introduce more force.  We will begin lightly and continue to increase the force as needed.  There is no exact age when this happens.  We take it kid by kid.