Animal Chiropractic

Is animal Chiropractic a real thing?  Yes it is.  Chiropractors have taken care of animals for over 100 years.  Stop and think about it, animals have spines and nerves also.  Animals have physical stress, just go to YouTube and type animal fails.  So animals can hurt themselves and need help also.

Do all Chiropractors work on animals?

No not all chiropractors work on animals.  First to become an animal chiropractor you must be a chiropractor.  Secondly one must study all the animals.  Thirdly you must complete extra courses in animal adjusting.  Finally you need a second building.  You need a second building because, OSHA states people and animals can not receive care under the same roof.  So if I want to see the chiropractor and so does my dog, one of us need to get care in the barn or garage behind the clinic.

What is the difference?

People walk on two legs and most animals walk on four.  Because of this difference our joints in the spine develop different.  Human neck bones have joints that lay flat to hold the weight the head.  Animals who walk on four legs carry their posture different and hence they develop different.

What is the same?

Almost every mammal has the same number of spinal bones.  So a mouse and giraffe both have seven neck bones.  However the mouse neck bones are slightly smaller.  All mammals have 12 pairs of ribs.  Also pelvic bones are on all mammals, even whales and dolphins. Here is your odd trivia- Sloths and manatees are the only mammals to have odd number of neck bones.


Horse Chiropractic is a big deal.  Many people race or show horses.  Due to this horse chiropractors are high demand.  The big difference in horses are their size.  It would take some serious hand strength to adjust a Horse.  Because of this chiropractics use a spike and mallet.  Don’t worry horses love it.