Athletes and Chiropractic with a focus on Female Athletes

Athletes and Chiropractic have been together now for decades.  There is no professional sports team without a team chiropractor.  Todays olympic teams also travel and work with a full time chiropractor.  Research shows athletes under regular chiropractic care not only increase their performance but also enjoy better overall health.  Here we are members of the PHCS- Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society.  As the team Chiropractors of the AHL IceHogs we have worked with many hockey players.  In addition we have also worked with other minor league sports including, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Female Athletes

Even though we see many athletes from multiple sports, the most common athlete is the young female athlete.  Recently we noticed an increase in the number of female athletes we see from the ages of 12-18 years old.  We have come up with a rational reason why.  Growth spurts is most likely the cause.  Often we grow faster than our coordination. The place where is is most lost is in proprioception muscles.  Your spinal muscles are your main proprioception muscles.


The ability to know where you are in space is proprioception. If I put my hand in front of me I can tell you where it is, I can see it.  However, if I put my hand behind me I can still know where it is, even though I can not see it.  The ability to know where your hand is, without being able to see, smell, of feel it, is proprioception.  Often when you see someone who is near the end of their life or ill, they have to watch their feet.  They watch their feet because they are loosing their proprioception.


The reason why female athletes have more spinal issues can be due to the proprioception muscles are not growing and adapting as fast as the rest of the body.  Take a watch above in the video to see some of the ideas we share to aid in proprioception development.


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