Auto Accident

Chiropractic for Auto Accidents

Did you know if you are in an auto accident a trip to the chiropractor is a good idea.  Many auto accidents happen every day unfortunately.  Often we can be injured immediately.  However, sometimes we do not know we are hurt until time passes.  Unfortunately once time has passed the accident payments might be closed.  This results in you being responsible for your health care bills.

Hidden Injuries

Often we will x-ray a patient and see previous injuries.  The most common place for this is the C5-C6 vertebras in the base of the neck.  These two vertebras are the most commonly injured in a whiplash.  On the x-ray we see thin disc and boney changes.  Usually these changes are hard to reverse if they can be reversed at all.  When we see this on your films, patients report having been in accident years ago.  Often they report they were not hurt in the accident.  Unfortunately now the damage is done.

What should you do if your in an accident

When you are in an accident it is important to be checked by a chiropractor.  First, you will be x-rayed.  These films screen for serious and non serious injury.  Secondly, we often will take films where you look up and look down.  Because when you look up and down there is motion in your neck.  The result if injured,  x-rays will show a lack of motion.  Finally we preform an examination. If you are injured we will find positive findings.

Care Plans

If our testing results in finding an injury, we start care.  First, care starts with chiropractic adjustments.  Secondly you will be told how to heart and ice.  Once you start to hold your adjustments, exercises and stretches are introduced. Finally you will be reexamined about every sixth visit.  Once you are examined and clear of injuries you will dismissed.

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