Back to School and Chiropractor Visit

Ask the Chiropractor- Should back to school and Chiropractor visit be on my to do list?  Many people include a trip to the chiropractor as they prepare for a new school year.  First they might want to be sure the new back pack is being worn correctly.  Second is they might want to prescreen prior to a new sport season.  Third is a scoliosis and posture screening.  Your chiropractor should be able to help you on all these.

New Back Pack

Making sure the new back pack is fitted correctly is important.  Many students will come in with the new back pack. We have them load it up with stuff and check the straps.  The chiropractor is trained to make sure the weight is being carried correctly.  Secondly, we check the straps tightness and placement.  Finally, you are never the expert in your own home so let the chiropractor check the bags.


Prior to a sport starting, it is helpful to have baselines.  Baselines are your normal prior to an injury.  You can not have a head injury without a neck injury.  Due to this, it is good to have new neck films prior to an injury.  This is the best way for us to check if you have regained pre injury status.


Sitting to your spine is the same as sugar to your teeth.  School day is sitting.  Because of this, it is a good idea to get checked prior to the prolonged sitting.  If your chiropractor notes posture issues, simple stretches and desk ergonomics can be introduced. As a result, a little extra work now could prevent larger issues later.


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