Before or After?

We get asked all the time, should I be seen before or after?  Let me explain, I am going to move this weekend, should I come I before or after?  There is a thought, why go now I will need to be checked after my event.  Another thought though, should I try doing something prior to being checked?  So today’s Ask the Chiropractor is “should I get checked before or after a stressful activity?”.


Getting checked before is usually better.  Most people are surprised to hear that we work on the IceHogs more before the game.  If you have been adjusted before you are less vulnerable to injury,  Let me explain, you hips are rotated then you get checked into the boards.  After being checked, because you were already rotated, the injury now is more complex.  Again if you were not rotated before getting checked, there is less chance of injury.  Another example, say you fall down the stairs.  If you fall down the stairs and have a broken hip prior the injury will be much worse than if you did not have a broken hip prior. So if you have a fear of being injured after an event, not getting checked before will increase the likelihood of being inured.


Let’s say you wait until afterwards, now we are playing catch up.  I often will tell golfers once before a golf outing or six times afterwards.  Also I warn them playing hurt will effect your shot.  Prepare for a higher score.  Muscle memory is effected.  The first tie you swung a golf club, threw a football, try to hit a ball with a bat, or anything else you were not very good.  The more you do this activity the better you got.  This is muscle memory. Training muscle memory with an injury you train wrong and stay wrong.  Look at Charles Barkley golf swing sometime.