How your chiropractor determines a care plan

Determining a Care Plan

Often people want to know if we can give them a care plan before they start.   Often we are asked how many visits for what ails them.  These questions are often asked over the phone.  People want to know how many times they have to come prior to us meeting them.  This is almost impossible for us to answer.  There are many factors that chiropractors use to determine your care plan.

Your Health History

Your current state of health can be a factor.  First is your diet.  Do you eat healthy and take your supplements?  If you do we can shorten your care plan.  Second is lifestyles.  When was the last time you exercised?  If you never exercise your care plan will be longer.  Third would be bad habits, smoking and heavy drinking.  As a result, some habits will prolong you are plan.


Your previous injuries and time to seek care are factors.  First have you had multiple traumas and previous injuries this can add time onto your visits.  Second, when did you first start feeling the discomfort, and how long did you wait to start care?   Lastly, often people have tried many other things before wanting to start chiropractic.  For example, if you had a fall one day and get seen the next day you need less care.

Chiropractic Exam

Your chiropractic exam tells us about your posture.  For example, the more your posture is off, the longer your care plan will be.  Chiropractors will measure your leg lengths, shoulder heights, and other things.   To summarize, the worse you are off the longer corrections will take.


If your x-rays show different things, this can also add time to your number of visits.  Arthritis would be the biggest factor.  Arthritis can add more visits easily.  Lack of disc height would suggest that your problem has been around for a long time.  Finally, having rotation and curvature of the spine also would add time.


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