Children’s Care and Chiropractic

Children’s Care

Why do people take their kids to the chiropractor?  Dr Hulsebus breaks down why people take kids to the chiropractor.  Chiropractors have special training to care and examine children.  Dr Hulsebus himself has taken additional classes to help serve the Children in the Rockford community. In addition, our team here will work with your other doctors to provide the best for your children.

Do they need to go?

Often we are asked why kids?  It is often thought there is no reason for children to go.  Insurance companies strongly feel this way.  But when you understand there are three things that create the need for care.  First is physical stress.  Kids fall and crash all the time.  Second would be chemical stress.  When you look at kids meals and snacks there is little doubt that kids deal with chemical stress.  Third is emotional stress.  Kids have tons of emotional stress.  Just think about the last two years and the education system.  in addition, you can blame the arguing about what is being taught or the arguing about the masking policies.  Finally, you need to remember all the school activities that were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Is is safe?

First all chiropractors get special training to see kids of all ages.  Second here, we have taken additional classes by experts to learn even more.  Third we will explain everything prior to doing anything.  Chiropractic care for children is one of the area with lots of research.  Finally, I would invite everyone to go to our association’s website here and look Athletic the pediatric section and look at the research.

Do you have a Question for the Chiropractor?

If you have a question you would like to be answered please contact us here to get your questions answered.  In addition, please take us on the go and listen to our podcast here.