Chiropractic and Breeched Babies

Did you know many mothers have found help from the chiropractic for a breeched baby?  Breeched babies are babies that upside down when it comes time to be born.  Rather than being head first they are feet first.  This is both dangerous to baby and mother during the birthing process.  Luckily, today chiropractors have a unique adjustment that can help the baby get into proper position prior to birth.


The adjustment we use is called the Webster adjustment. Dr Larry Webster was the chiropractor who created it.  We focus in on a few key areas.

  • Sacrum correction.
  • Piriformis muscle
  • Sacrum and pelvis ligaments
  • Psoas muscle
  • Round ligament of the uterus

There is a sixth part but this is rarely used and focuses more on contractions.

Face down

The chiropractor will lay you face down.  The chiropractor can adapt their adjusting tables for the pregnancy.  Once in this position we check a few things.  First your leg length for sacrum correction.  Second we will do work on the Piriformis muscle.  Lastly we will use trigger points to help relax ligaments between the sacrum and pelvic bones.

Face up

Next position for mom is laying face up.  First we have you reach your hands above your head and measure your finger distance.  this will tell us which muscle is tight and needs stretching.  If you are tight then we stretch your posts muscle.  Last step is another trigger point, this time on the round ligament.  The round ligament of the uterus is the only ligament to have smooth muscle.  This muscle can contract and be in the way of the baby flipping.

Start time

Your chiropractor will start the Webster adjustment usually right away.  There was a time we would wait until Breeched was an issue. Now we begin it as soon as we warn of the pregnancy.  Hopefully to avoid the situation all together.


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