Chiropractic and Sleep

Can Chiropractic care help with sleep?

This week on “ask the Chiropractor” we are asked chiropractic and sleep.  We are excited because the usual first side effect of chiropractic care is improved sleep.  New patients are told that they should have a great night sleep after the first adjustment.  It is the role the chiropractic plays on your nervous system that helps.

Quality vs Quantity

Many people will go days without good sleep.  The result is your body will wear down.  This creates your body “crashing” after several days.  The result is you will sleep for a long period.  However, even though you slept many hours, you are still tired.  When you get this crash sleep, you will not get deep quality sleep.  You only get true rest in deep sleep.

Deep Sleep

When we are dreaming we are in deep sleep.  Deep sleep helps us wake up refreshed and rested.  One can not achieve deep sleep when the nervous system is in flight and fight.  Fight and flight is our autonomic nervous system survival mode.  You are only in survival mode when you have a stress.  The stress can be either chemical, emotional, or physical.  Having you spine out has demonstrated to keep you in fight or flight.  Research from Ogura has showed us that chiropractic care helps us leave this stress state.

Less Stress

Since the chiropractic care lowers the stress, your body can now do to ease.  Once in ease you now get good sleep.  First you should wake up feeling refreshed. Secondly, you will be full of energy.  Lastly, dreams are usually noted.  The results of having dreams we now know you entered deep sleep.


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