Chiropractic College, what is it and what are requirements?

Tell us about Chiropractic College

This week on ask the chiropractor- we had a local college student ask us what does it take to become a chiropractor?  So today we want to break down the process to become licensed chiropractor.  There are a few steps.  First you must complete some under graduate studies.  Second you start chiropractic college.  Third you have to complete four national board exams.  Final you apply for a state license.

Undergraduate Studies

Before you can enroll in chiropractic studies you must have completed undergraduate studies.  I will speak on Palmer College of Chiropractic policies as that is my college.  First pathway is you can do the 2 plus 1 method.  You will complete classes at an approved program through a community college.  Then you will spend one academic year at Palmer completing you undergraduate studies.  Upon completion of this and chiropractic schooling, you will earn a bachelors of science.  This works here in Illinois but there are a few states that requires a bachelors from a school other than your chiropractic school.  Make sure you know individual state requirements.

Chiropractic College

Palmer college is ten trimesters long and goes year long.  Once you start you can complete your studies in 3 and 1/3 years.  During school you will have three years of different experiences.  First year is all academics.  Your second year is learning exams, adjusting, and x-rays.  Your final yer is mostly in the clinic setting seeing patients with staff doctors.

National Boards

To obtain a license you will need to successfully pass your national boards.  There are four boards.  You will take them while at school.  Your class load matches the examination.  So part one is taken the first year of college.  Part one is focused on academics and so is your first year of college.


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