Chiropractic FAQ

Ask the Chiropractor- Today we talk about Chiropractic FAQ.  FAQ- frequently asked question we hear at the clinic daily.  First question we get is, when should I begin to seek care for?  Second question, is chiropractic safe?  Third, Can Kids go?  Fourth, how often do I have to come.  Lastly, what do chiropractors treat?

When do I being to seek care?

I often tell people whenever.  People start chiropractic care when they feel great.  The goal is to stay feeling great.  However, most people will notice they loss the range of motion.  Some come in when they look to the left anymore. Another comment is, I can not put on my shoes anymore.  Most people will lose their range of motion and have some pain.

Is it safe?

This is a question we get asked often.  The simple answer is we have the lowest malpractice rtes of any healthcare provider.  If we are dangerous the insurance companies would know. I have explained this in many previous post.  Please search for this topic to learn more.

Can Kids go?

Why would a child go?  First, have you ever watched a YouTube video of kids wiping out? Secondly, have you watched a toddler run and just wait for them to fall?  Lastly, have you watch youth sports?  Kids hurt themselves all the time. Of course they need chiropractic.

How often do I have to come

This is a very common question.  There are several factors.  First is how sore are you?  Second is how out of alignment are you.  Thirdly, do you have healthy disc and bones? Lastly, how healthy is your lifestyle?

What do Chiropractors Treat?

What do people come in for help with.  That is simple, anything that can be effected my nerves from the spine.  Simply put, health spine, equals healthy nerves.


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