Chiropractic for Fibromyalgia.

Many people seek chiropractic for fibromyalgia relief.  There are many different aspects of helping someone who suffers from this pain.  Because the aches and pains associated are more systemic it requesters a different approach.  Systemic meaning that it can effect your whole system not just one body part or function.  Here we look at the whole picture when trying to help.


The Adjustment

When someone has fibromyalgia we focus our chiropractic adjustments to a few areas.  First we look at the top two bones in thence.This is where the vagus nerve comes out.  The Vagus nerve will aid in relaxing and healing. If there is a problem at the top two bones the Vagus nerve will not allow healing and relaxing.  This results in not being able to leave the fight or flight phase.  Causing aches and pains to continue.  The second area is the sacrum or tailbone.  This is the same issue as described above except a different region of the body.


We heal on the go.  The problem is one who is suffering, the more exercise the more pain.  So as Chiropractors we aid in simple stretching and low force exercises to promote mild motion and repair.  Some of our exercises are as simple as sitting on a ball watching TV.


We often recommend some supplements and diet changes.  First the supplements to make sure you are not low in things that control inflammation. Example is an omega 3 imbalance, hence fish oil can help over time.  Detoxing is another area we will make suggestions.  Oil pulling, epsom slat soaking, and others can draw toxins out that would create inflammation.  Lastly stop intaking a poor diet that creates inflammation.  If you can get it while sitting in your car you probably should eat it.


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