Clinical Findings Since March 2020

Recently we have found new clinical findings. The world has changed a lot since March of 2020.  There has been a virus going around.  We will not name this virus due to censorship but I believe you know which virus it is. Now that we are meeting in person again, I have spoken to several other Chiropractors and we noted a similar clinical finding.  While this finding is not directly linked to the virus, the new lifestyle due to the virus might be to blame.  When we adjust your neck, we can feel your lymph nodes.  When your lymph nodes are swollen we find three things, first in your ears, balance, vertigo, and ear issues.  Secondly we find sinus issues.  And lastly we find allergies are worse.


If you lymph nodes can not properly drain, this will result in fluid build up.  If this fluid build up reaches the ears then we can have several issues.  First is vertigo.  Your ears play a major role in your balance.  The extra fluid creates problems that  create balance and vertigo issues.  Secondly, the fluid build up can fill your ear tubes.  This will cause a “fullness feeling”.  Secondly the extra fluid will push your ear drum and create ear pain. Lastly you can get ringing in the ears due to the fluid build up.


If your lymph nodes don’t drain it can push back into your sinuses.  This will create lots of sinus drainage.  If not drainage then worse, sinus pressure.  This pressure can also create headaches.  The excessive sinus drainage will only worsen with allergies.  So if you have allergies and lymph back up it is like a double whammy.


We have several chiropractic solutions to help with lymph flow.  First we can usually identify if that if you have this clinical finding.  Several chiropractors have suggestions to help restore the normal lymph flow.  First step, take an extra long hot shower with the hot water hitting your neck.