Detox Tips



Tips for detoxing

Detox, with the fires going on in our area at the Chem-lab we see some increase toxins out there.  When you have increased toxins detoxing is very important. So we wanted to rush out our newest random healthy tip about detoxing. We are sharing two quick and easy way to pull toxins out of your system.  We hope everyone is staying safe, but if you have been around the smoke or found ash in your yard, maybe you should detox.

Easy Things

There are a few easy things one can do to detox.  First, take a bath.  Take a bath with epsom salt.  The epsom salt draws toxins out of your system through your skin. As a bonus, your skin will also absorb magnesium from the salt also.  Second, try oil pulling.  For oil pulling you take one table spoon of coconut oil.  Next put the oil in your mouth, without swallowing it, swish it around for twenty minutes.  After twenty minutes your spit it out, but not into a sink.  Oil can harden and block your plumbing.


There are a few supplements we like also for detoxing.  The first would be Resveratrol.  You want 100 mg of Resveratrol.  This is the anti-oxidant found in good red wine.  However, to get 100 mg from red wine, you would have to drink about 70 bottles.  The second one is Curcumin (Turmeric) 200 mg.

Learn more

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