Disc Health

As Chiropractors we are often asked about disc health.  How do I keep my spine healthy and avoid arthritis, it all starts with the disc health.  The intervertebral disc plays two large roles.  First it makes up a large percent of the height for the nerve exit.  Secondly as it is healthy so is the vertebra and keeps arthritis away.

Why Do Disc Dehydrate?

When you walk the muscles around the spine contract. Once the muscles contract they will push or drive nutrients into the disc.  Also at the same time this contractor will also drive out toxins from the disc space.  This all happens because the disc lack a blood supply.  So if the muscles around the disc do not contract, the disc will build with toxins and lack hydration.  This results in time of the disc height reducing.


As the disc height is reduced, arthritis rates rise.  The disc acts as a shock absorber. Without a shock absorber the bones themselves take on more stress.  This extra stress results in an extra force load.  As a result the extra force load requires extra boney support.  Finally extra boney growth occurs. This extra growth is arthritis.


Intervertebral Foramen is the hole between two vertebra which the nerve exits.  If the disc should dehydrate, this will result in loss of height of the hole.  Over time if boney growth occurs this will take up space in the hole as well.  The two combined issues will add to the stress of the nerve.  This usually leads to surgery.

Walking and Adjustments

When the vertebras are chiropractic adjusted, motion is restored.  This motion will begin to rehydrate the disc.  As a result the stress on the vertebra will also decrease.  This decreased stress will stop future arthritic growth from continuing. This final step would be to get walking 30 minutes a day to finish the rehydration process.