Drug Free Headache Solutions

Chiropractic care has offered drug free headaches solutions for over one hundred years.  In chiropractic we search for the cause of your headaches.  Rarely the cause is a lack of medicine. We offer several different approaches to help with headaches.  It s the job of your chiropractor to find which solution is right for you.  This is often done through a chiropractic exam and x-ray findings.

Cervical Trigeminal Nucleus

This is an area of your nervous system that in a player in headaches.  Almost every type of headaches causes this nucleus to be involved.  Hangovers, sinuses, tension, and more all play role here.  As Chiropractors we study every neurological pathway in and out of this nucleus.  There are several we can influence with chiropractic adjustments.  Many of the neurological pathways effect the facial nerves, TMJ nerves, and the nerves of the ear tubes.  These areas all give us clues on where you need care.

Cervical Trigeminal Nucleus

The other half of this nucleus is the Cervical part.  Your cervical bones are the bones that make up your neck bones.  Chiropractors have been adjusting these bones since September 18, 1895.  We have helped patients with headaches here since the being of our profession.  These bones effect several things in the headache causing spectrum.

  • Pain
  • Tension
  • Blood flow
  • Muscle Stress

These are all areas the upper cervical bones can influence.

Spinal Cord Pulling

Lastly the area we see with migraines is actual pulling on the spinal cord.  The spinal cord has Dentate ligaments that attach the cord to the wall of the the spinal column.  These ligaments are strong.  Very Strong.  So as the neck gets whipped around the spinal cord does not move much.  As a result, if you have a whiplash injury, the cord will pull on the midbrain due to tension.  This can cause the midbrain to slide down.  This sliding down results in a clogged hole in the base of your skull.  Now we have spinal fluid flow and venous blood flow restriction.  Chiropractors can adjust your neck and improve this.


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