Facts vs Myths

Facts vs Myths

Because there are so many we wanted to take a minute and tell you which are true and which are not.  Let’s look at a few of the most common things we hear as Chiropractors.  We Will break down a few items below or watch the video above.

Go forever

Once I stat care I will have to go forever.  As Chiropractors we hear this one all the time.  We often reply with which doctor do you not return to?  Annual physicals, 6 month dentist appointments, and do not start with the gym.  Some people go tot he gym daily.  Why do people keep going to these places?  Once you learn how good you can feel and function we tend to want to keep it.  So once you experience chiropractic many apple choose to keep coming for the benefits.  However, it is your choice to continue.

Chiropractors can hurt you

This is one that we hear from other doctors actually.  I am often told by medical physicians they know people who got hurt by the chiropractor.  This is just not the case.  I have never been presented a paper where it was proven that chiropractic adjustments can cause harm.  Bad Chiropractic care can cause harm, just like bad dentistry, but evidence that a chiropractic adjustment can cause harm?  Next fact we love is, a chiropractors malpractice insurance is the lowest in all health care.  If we are dangerous would not the insurance rates be high?

Chiropractors are not real doctors

Chiropractors attend more class room hours than a medical physician. We have our college accredited by the same government agencies as any other college.  When we graduate we earn a doctrine in Chiropractic.  When a medical physician graduates they earn a doctrine in Medicine. The doctrines are both accredited by the same people.  So are we Doctors?  We have a doctrine.

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