Fertility and Chiropractic

Did you know that fertility and Chiropractic is what launch Hulsebus Chiropractic story?  Ruth Hulsebus was having lots of female health problems.  Robert Hulsebus was trying to get her help when they accidentally discovered Chiropractic.  They were in Davenport and ended up meeting Dr BJ Palmer and the rest is history.

Late 1940’s

Robert Hulsebus had just returned from serving in world war 2.  Once he returned home he had hopes of starting a family with his wife Ruth.  They were living in western Iowa.  Ruth’s mother and Aunt had both suffered many female related health issues.  When Ruth struggled to start a family, both Robert and Ruth became concerned.


Robert learned that some of the best doctors to help his wife were in Chicago.  They packed up all their belongings and started down Route 2 to Chicago.  This was before highway system.  Robert had no real job or plans at this time other than caring for his wife.


Why they stopped in Davenport is still not sure.  But we know they did.  Once there they learned about this school that helped many people.  The name of the school was Palmer School of Chiropractic.  Once they were there Ruth meet a guy named Dr BJ Palmer.  Dr BJ Palmer was the developer of the school and the science of Chiropractic.  Dr Palmer took x-rays and preformed an exam.  Afterwards he knew Chiropractic care could help Ruth.


As excited both Robert and Ruth were that Dr Palmer could help, they had no money for the care.  However, Robert had his GI Bill which would cover chiropractic school at that time.  As a student Ruth would receive free care in the clinic.  Robert signed up, but at that time did not plan to finish.

Dr Bob

Dr Palmer befriended Robert and mentored him.  Under Dr Palmer Robert figured becoming a Chiropractor was a good idea.  Since then Robert became Dr Bob.  Dr Bob was able to help many women with the same issues in his own practice.  Afterwards Dr Bob’s three sons continued to tell the story of their mother and how Chiropractic can help.  Today Dr Brant Hulsebus and his team here at Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic continue to help many women.  Each Chiropractor here has taken advancing training on fertility and the role chiropractic can help.  Between learning the ways from Dr Bob and all the new research we are able to help many women.


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