Golf Prep

Golf Prep

In this week’s ask the Chiropractor we were asked about chiropractic role in golf prep.  The new golf season is about to begin everyone is excited to get out there. This is a time where injuries can happen and derail your whole season.  Your chiropractor can help you prepare and prevent these injuries.  Please check out our next episode here as we review things.

Warm up

Warming up is very important.  Going in with cold joints and muscles is a great way to cause an injury.  First try going for a short walk. This is a great warm up.  Second they putting the club behind your back while locking the club by your elbows. Once in this position lightly twist in both directions.  This will warm up your spine.  At the same tie your disc will warm yup and help prevent less injuries.


The stretch should come after the warm up.  You want to stretch warmer muscle not cold ones.  We have seen people injured during a stretch because they did not warm up.  Taking a muscle to an extreme and stretching it can cause injury if the blood is not already going there.  Your Chiropractor will help you create a good stretching for your spine.

Cool Down.

This happens before the 19th hole.  Muscles will continue to create energy not knowing you are stopping.  If you ever worked hard in the yard then jus stopped.  When you get up afterwards you are usually very stiff and achey all over.  Often people state they need to move around before they regain the range of motion they had while working prior to the stop.

Whole Podcast/Webinar.

Join us tomorrow for a full podcast and webinar as we take a huge deep dive into these topics.  We will live demo and be able to answer your questions.  Jon us on YouTube at 6:30pm 3/29 or come back here and replay it.