Headache Relief

Can chiropractic create headache relief?  This is an area within chiropractic that has been heavily researched and universally accepted.  Yes, Chiropractic care does provide relief.  Headaches can come from many different areas of the spine.  Dr Hulsebus breaks down several of those areas.


Your sacrum or commonly called tailbone can be a cause for headaches.  First when we walk the tail bones rocks back and forth. Second this acts as a pump to move our spinal fluid back up into our brain.  Lastly gravity will pull the fluid back to the pump.  If you sacrum is subluxated, it will not rock.  This will cause the pump to stop working.  The result is a horrible headache.  How we identify these headaches, if you lay down the headache should rapidly improve.  Gravity will move the spinal fluid if you change your plane.


Between C5 and C6 vertebras a blood vessel enters the neck.  The blood here will travel up and supply the base of your brain with blood.  The base of your brain is where the special sense are.  Hearing, sight, smell, and touch.  Should you get headaches where smells, sounds, or taste worsen the headaches we exam here.  The nerves that exit the spine here also innervate your hands.  So if hand or wrist issues coupled with headaches, we have apse to correct.

Upper Neck

Your midbrain is located near your upper neck bones.  The midbrain is the coordination center.  Nerves enter the spinal cord, then travel to the midbrain, and the midbrain coordinates where they end in the brain.  This process is reversed also, the brain send out signals to the midbrain then the spinal cord.  Should there be a subluxation or stress in the upper neck region, this would effect the midbrain.  When the signals get jammed, you know because you will have a headache.