How many visits are needed for “blank”

How many visits are need to help with sciatica, headaches, lower back pain, or neck pain.  We have people who call in and ask this all the time.  It is impossible to answer this question without meeting you.  First factor is your over all health and well being.  Second is how subluxated are you.  Third is your posture. Finally is the health of your spine.

Health and Well being

Healthy people with healthy habits heal faster.  Healthy people tend to have less inflammation.  Inflammation takes up space inside the injury and can slow down the healing process.  The more poor your health is the more inflammation you will have.  Because of this the longer it will take for you to heal.


When spinal bones are misaligned and nerves are stressed, we call that a subluxation.  There are things to take into account when grading a subluxation.  First is how much is it rotated.  The second would be how much is it wedged.  Lastly how many other bones are subluxated with it.  If you have one vertebra slighted rotated or do you have a complete scoliosis.  Therefore, one slightly rotated subluxation will take less time than the whole spine being twisted.


As Chiropractors we always take your posture as part of the factor.  The worse your posture is more stress is added to the spine.  When you walk around with poor posture you make your spinal muscle work overtime.  As a result, a spine that works overtime tends to take longer to heal.  Therefore, the more well rested you are the better you will heal.

Health of the Spine

Degeneration of the spine makes everything take longer.  A spine with arthritis takes longer to heal.  Therefore, Less arthritis and degeneration less time needed.  In conclusion, we can determine this through chiropractic x-rays.