How often do I have to come?

How often do I have to come?  This is a common question that chiropractors get asked often.  It is an honest question, we all want to know what we are getting into.  It is also a complex question for chiropractor to answer without knowing much about you.  This is why your first Chiropractic visit is your longest Chiropractic visit.  Because we need to get to know you.  Let’s break this question down.


Chiropractors have exams that help us determine how often you have to come.  Observations make up a bulk of the exam.  You might see the chiropractor watch the way you walk.  Your shoes tell us a story, uneven wear would suggest more chronic issue.  They way you lay down, high hip, high shoulder, and how close to the edge on the table are all indicators of your health.  Because your hips connect to your legs, we often check your leg length also. These exam finds help answer how long you need to come.


Your X-rays tell us two things.  First the tell us that chiropractic care is safe for you.  We want to rule out a few major health issues that present as common pain.  Secondly x-rays tell us lots about your spinal health.  Disc height help us evaluate if and how much spinal degeneration has occurred. You can note any current arthritis also.  Scoliosis and scoliotic curves are also noted on x-rays.  The presence or absence of these findings will play a major role on spinal health.  Spinal health is key to how often you have to come.


Your previous health history also contributes to how often you have to come.  Someone who exercises regularly, proper diet, and healthy lifestyle can recover much faster than not.  Healthy people get healthy faster.


Many factors contribute to how often you need to come.  It is the chiropractor’s job to find those answers.  If you have any questions contact us.