Insurance and Chiropractic Care


How does insurance work with chiropractic care

Today many insurance companies still provide coverage for chiropractic care.  It is often limited and not every chiropractor chooses to work with it.  Today many insurance companies have put short limits on coverage.  Another issue is they limit services.  Often the care needs to be pre approved.  Should the care go longer than pre approval asking for more care takes time and often creates set backs in the care,  This results in actually needing more care ironically.  This issues is why many chiropractors choose not to work with some or all insurance companies.


Medicare will cover chiropractic care.  However, there are a few items that they do not cover inside a chiropractic clinic.  Medicare only covers the chiropractic adjustment.  Most chiropractor use either an exam or x-rays to determine your care needs.  Neither of these are covered services by medicare.  This can create a struggle for most.

Other Clinics

Due to these struggles many chiropractic clinics choose to not work with these companies.  They only accept cash paying patients.  They do not accept Medicare patients.  It is the opinion that trying to care for patient is too much of a struggle if third parties an involved.

Our Clinic

We do accept most insurance companies and work with medicare.  Our Clinic founder, Dr Bob Hulsebus, worked many years to get medicare to cover chiropractic care.  Then around the year 2000, medicare attempted to audit Dr Mike Hulsebus.  Dr Mike Hulsebus took medicare audit all the way to congress and won.  When he won he was fighting for fair access to chiropractic for patients with medicare.  Recently Dr Brant Hulsebus serviced a term as the medicare chairman on the chiropractic association.

Call us

If you have any questions about your insurance or medicare, call us.  We can call and try to check your benefits prior to starting.  For more information check out our previous blogs and podcast.