How do I know when my health is ready for my first chiropractic visit?

Often we get asked, should I schedule my first chiropractic visit?  Is my case warranted to go to the chiropractor?  There are many different ways to answer this.  First, are you asking because you’re in pain?  Secondly, are you having different health problem?  Third, did you hear some people just come to maintain a higher level of health.  Finally, have your tried everything else and now are out of options?


If you are having neck, lower back or headache pain you might have been told to try chiropractic.  One way to tell is if you have lost your range of motion.  You will notice a loss if you can not turn as much as you once could.  Another way is if you turn to the left greater than turn to the right. Or vice a versa. A healthy moving spine should do just that, move.


Are you experiencing poor health but no one knows why?  As Chiropractors we look at the whole body approach.  Your dentist focus on your teeth, and your cardiologist will focus on your heart.  As chiropractors we focus o the body as a whole.  Chiropractors also include your lifestyle in determining your case.


Have you heard many people visit the chiropractor just to be healthy?  Many people start care with no symptoms. Many people report less sickness and injuries while under regular chiropractic care.  You do not need a reason to start.  If the chiropractor does not find you need care today they should just check you and let you go.

Everyone else has failed

This is our common patient.  We hear “I have tried everything else and no one can help”. We hear this too often.  Chiropractic is a fresh and unique approach to your health.  This results in a new perspective when determining your care.


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