Neck and Shoulder Issues?

Neck and Shoulder Issues

This week on Ask the Chiropractor we discuss neck and shoulder issues.  If you wondered if chiropractic might help Dr Hulsebus breaks down how it might.  Dr Hulsebus is a chiropractor in Rockford Il.  Once a week he host a podcast answering questions about Chiropractic care.  This week we look at neck and shoulders.

Forward Head Posture

As you sit, drive, us a computer, or work in front of yourself, you create forward head posture.  To explain you will roll your shoulders forward and project your head out in front of your chest.  First you will note a rounding of the shoulders.  Secondly you will see the ear start to be in front of the shoulders.  Lastly you will note an over slumping and/or leaning forward.  Although one gets forward head posture this often is not painful, however, leaves you exposed to easy injury.  To summarize, if you posture is bad, then you reach or turn wrong now injury is easy combining the two things.


How can chiropractic help?  First chiropractic adjustments will free the neck up and allow healing.  After motion is restored, then you want to learn how to treat the soft tissue.  Often Chiropractors might suggest stretches and exercises.  Here in Rockford we suggest a tennis ball against the wall to work out the muscles.  Another suggestion is to stand up with your back side against the wall.  Secondly make sure your hips, heels, shoulders, and the back of your head all are touching the wall.  Finally once in this position preform snow angles with your arms.  You should preform 25 angels.  To maximize this, preform angels twice a day, morning and before bed.

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