Pinched Nerve

What is a pinched nerve and can Chiropractic help?  We get calls everyday with people asking us if we can help with pinched nerves.  We have always thought this diagnosis is funny since it is over used and misused.  If a nerve was pinched the nerve would not work at all.  So let’s break this diagnosis down.


When a nerve is pinched completely it stops working.  So a pinched nerve would not work at all.  Therefore if the nerve going down your arm had this going on, it would result in a limp arm.  As a result, no reflexes, touch sensation, or muscles would happen.  Although this happens, when people experience this they usually rush to the emergency room.


When two or more vertebra rotate or become misaligned this is part of a subluxation.  First when the rotate they jam joints.  The result is inflamed facet joints.  Secondly, the inflamed facets joints cause you to lean away, this results in the disc bulging.  Third, the disc will now irate the joint and create stress.  Finally the stress receptors will dump stress chemicals out.  As a result, the nerves will detect these stress chemicals and the signal will travel.  The final thing is the body parts innervated by such nerves will now go into a state of stress.  This is what we call a subluxation.

Yes we help those

So if you are experiencing this, we can help.  First, we will do a history. Second, x-ray and chiropractic exams.  Finally we will do a chiropractic adjustment.  Then we will send you home with fractioning and icing instructions.  Good news is we will attack the root cause of your complaint. We will not mask it with drugs or other things.  So if you have a pinched nerve and want it looked at, give us a call.