Sciatica and Chiropractic

This week on ask the Chiropractor we discuss Sciatica.  Many people seek chiropractic for sciatica.  We want to discuss what is it and how does the Chiropractor help.  In our Clinc we see many people for this first time due to sciatica.

What is it?

Sciatica, let’s break it down.  First you have five lumbar vertebrae in your lower back.  Second you also have your tail bone or sacrum. Third there are nerves that come from all these bones.  Fourth these nerves from the third lumbar to the sacrum come tighter.  Fifth when the all join up the make the widest nerve in your body.  This nerve is the sciatic nerve.  Sixth, this nerve is responsible for you rear end, back of thigh, and everything below the knee.  Finally when the nerve is irritated it is known as “Sciatica”.

What irritates it?

If two or more of the bones of your lower back or sacrum are subluxated. Subluxated means the bones are out of position creating stress on the nerves.  Any one or combinations of the nerves can create the irritation.  It is the Chiropractors job to find out which one is the problem.

How does Chiropractic help?

After x-rays and/or examination your chiropractor can help/. The examination and x-rays will locate the subluxation and chiropractic adjustment will help remove the stress.  How often and how many times will depend on your spinal health.  The chiropractor will determine this.