Scoliosis Month

Scoliosis Month

June is Scoliosis month and for this week’s ask the Chiropractor many people wonder how does the chiropractor work with scoliosis?  Many people how have a scoliosis have a chiropractor to help.  Chiropractors have been working with scoliosis patients of decades.  There are several chiropractic text books on just this topic.

What is a Scoliosis?

We see that scoliosis is a s curve to the spine when looking at if front to back.  A healthy spine is straight vs the when the spine is s shaped.  Many people are first diagnosis after a posture check.  First the patient will expose their back.  Then then doctor will have you bend over and reach for your toes.  Finally stand back up.  Hunching or arching of the spine is noted.  This is the first clue.  Chiropractors then will take full spine x-rays to confirm.  The x-rays are the most definitive test to confirm.  Often we have had patient told they have a issue, however after the films it is not noted.

Two most Common Cases

There are two different cases of scoliosis most often seen in a chiropractic clinic.  One is a gift from one of your parents.  This one is genetic and you will most likely have several family members who also have one.  This one is the most challenging one.  We will often use x-rays to create better adjusting techniques for more benefit.  The second type is one that results in self correction.  You get an injury that causes a large curve in one part of you spine.  Next you will get a second curve to adapt the to prior injury.  This second type usually gets better corrections.


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