The week on ask the Chiropractor we are going to discuss scoliosis.  As Chiropractors we get asked about this often.  First what is it?.  Secondly where does it come from.  Finally what can be done for it.  Let’s look into these topcis and break it down.

What is a scoliosis?

There are different types of scoliosis.  One type is a idiopathic and the other is a functional.  Let’s look at the functional verison first.  A functional form deals with the righting reflex.  The righting reflew shows your eyes always stay level with horizon. So if you hurt yourself, your spine leans away from the injury.  The result of this upsets the righting reflex.  As a result you will get a second curve to balance the right reflex.  Now your spine looks like a scoliosis.  This is a functional verison that chiropractic can imporve.

Gift from mom

With and idiopathic scoliosis the cause is usually unknown or genetic.  If mom has a scoliosis there is a chance she might give it to you.  Usually this effects mother to daughters.  However, I have seen grandfathers who pass it on to their granddaughters.  This is why when one person has a scoliosis we need to check the whole family.  The best exam is x-ray imaging. The turn around and touch your toes test has produced many false positives.

Chiropractic care

Our first goal with for care is to stop the progression of the curve.  Secondly we want to reduce the curve angles.  Finally we want to start exercises meant to strengthen and stabialize the curve and spine.  through chiropractic care and exercises x-rays will be taken again to watch to monitor the curves.  The stress of a spine in the condition can often speed up degnerative arthritis.  Discs heights and bone health are some of the best tools to measure changes.