Spinal Gimmicks

Various Gimmicks

As a chiropractor, people present me with various gimmicks designed t help your spine.  I have seen many of these gimmicks over the years.  The advertising usually begins with “I was a chiropractor and my new device will ruin the chiropractic profession.”  We are not saying all these devices are bad or not useful, however few of them actually replace something else.

Another Positive

The good products will often complement chiropractic care.  Often using some of these products can extend the time you need visits.  What do I mean by this?  Often stretching and other activities can help you hold your adjustment longer.  The inversion table is a good example of a device that will help you hold your adjustment longer.  The inversion table itself will not correct a problem.  However, if you use the table immediately after getting chiropractic care, it will aid in making your adjustment hold longer.

Weaken You

Posture is very important when we look at your health of your spine.  There have been posture straps recently being advertised.  These straps are said to help you maintain your posture.  Where we like you maintaining your posture, you need to learn how to do this without the straps.  Understand if you break your arm and get it casted, the arm actually looses muscle strength while casted.  Cast comes off you must start strengthening your arm.  If you wear straps that help you maintain posture, when you remove the straps you loose the muscles that would normally hold you.


Your spine has curves that help us hold our weight.  When you get chiropractic adjustments your curves are taken into account. When have you lay in certain positions to open the joint spaces so your chiropractor can preform the care,  If you are in a different posture using these devices one needs to be careful. Last thing you wan tot do is jam something else while looking for relief.

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