Why X-rays?

If you go to the Chiropractor you will get x-rays.  Chiropractors use x-rays for multiple reasons.  Today the films are one of the only tools that are readily available.  Here are the reasons for x-rays, safety, posture, health, arthritis, and technique.  After looking at x-rays it is easier to determine how and if we can help.  Also it tells us about how long your care plan might take.


Did you know there are different things that could make chiropractic not safe?  Because certain conditions can be worsen, you need to be checked for them first. X-rays is how we check.  Ankylosis Spondylosis is a condition that can be injured.  Spondylolisthesis can be worse by chiropractic if undetected.  Because these conditions have only back pain as symptoms they they are needed.  So without films the chiropractor will not be able know these conditions are there.  But the films will tell the chiropractor so safe care can be given.


Your posture is important. Posture tells us how long you have had bad spinal habits. Because it takes time to develop bad posture.  So if we see bad posture we know this is not a new thing.  As a result of bad posture your scheduling will reflect this.  So if you have bad posture we will teach you stretches to help.


Aging and health of a spine are very important.  A spine with poor discs and arthritic changes will take longer to regain health, for instance.  These changes will show up on x-rays, and knowing this helps the chiropractor.


The spine can been and twist many ways.  And as mentioned before, the spine can have other health issues.  Due to this as Chiropractors we learn many different techniques for adjusting.  Your X-rays help us find the best technique for you.