Are all chiropractors the same?


We get asked all the time.  If I go to one chiropractor should I expect the same care at a different clinic?  Why do some chiropractor use one adjusting technique and others a different one?  Why do some chiropractors not even do adjustments?

Two types of Philosophy

Some Chiropractors focus on rehabilitation and physical therapy. These Chiropractors focus on pain relief and often can be mistaken for a physical therapist.  They are good at what they do.  Often after a surgery or injury people will seek care here.  They are primary level physicians so you do not need to visit another physician first to be allowed here.  Insurance companies usually work well, however Medicare will not.  There are a few chiropractic schools that graduates excel in this area.

Majority of Chiropractors focus on correction of the spine through chiropractic adjustments.  This is the founding principles of chiropractic and what started the chiropractic profession.  We call this misalignments of the spine “Subluxations.”  Chiropractor look to detect and correct Subluxations.  Even though most chiropractors are adjusting patients for this correction, they have multiple ways that they do it.  Some chiropractors use their hands, other use their tables, and others use instruments to preform adjustments.  All are good, most chiropractors pick to adjust the way they are good at.  Other Chiropractors adjust focused on the base of the spine, where other focus on the top bone of the spine.  Both have merit and their uses.  It comes down to the patient and the chiropractor doing what is best for that patient.  We have referred patients to other chiropractor because we believe someone else technique might be better for that patient.


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