Are Chiropractors Doctors?

Every chiropractor has been asked “are Chiropractors Doctors”. The answer is yes chiropractors earn a doctrine in Chiropractic like a medical doctor earns a doctrine in medicine.  Once one earns a doctrine the title of Doctor then is custom.  Some people have a doctrine in education like our first lady Dr Jill Biden.  So are chiropractors doctors the answer by definition is yes.

Are Chiropractors same as an MD?

First, Chiropractors are not medical doctors.  Second, they are not dentist.  Thirdly, they are not pediatrist.  To conclude Chiropractors are Chiropractors.  Just like medical doctors are not Chiropractors.  There are many forms of health care. One form is not better than another, each has a role to play.  For example, the most important doctor is the one that can help with your current condition. Should you break your arm the best doctor would be an orthopedic surgeon not a plastic surgeon.


In Illinois Chiropractors share the same license as medical and osteopath doctors.  Chiropractors also share the same boards, both regulatory and licensure boards.  The requirements to be licensed are also match up.  To summarize, to be a DC, MD, or DO in Illinois all requirements for being able to practice and obtain licensure are the same.


Chiropractors do not go to medical school, they go to Chiropractic school.  Just like a dentist does not attend medical school, they attend dentistry school.  Chiropractic school actually have more class room hours vs medical school.  Conversely, medical school does have more clinic rotation hours.  Each professional branch of health care has educational system approved by the department of education for proper licensure to ensure highest level of safety for the patient.


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