Back To School

It is that time of year again, back to school.  This can be a crazy and busy time.  Because everyone is running around we wanted to remind you why a trip to the chiropractor is important also.  First, we can make sure you are wearing those backpack correctly.  Secondly we can help if you were recently diagnosed with a scoliosis.  Lastly, we help establish a baseline for student athletes when it comes to concussions.


There is a correct way to wear your backpack.  If you already have your backpack bring it with you.  Here we will help show you how it should be properly worn. As a parent you are never an expert in your own house, so let us help you.  We can check the straps for tightness and proper placement.  Because these bags can get heavy it is very important they are prolly worn.


WIth back to school comes physicals.  In Illinois chiropractors can not do physicals for school so you must see a medical doctor.  Often after the physical we are told the doctor found a scoliosis.  Doctors preform an old test where they visualize a student from behind touching their toes.  If the doctor sees any imbalance the doctor often prematurely diagnosis scoliosis.  This is not how Chiropractors do it.  First we will look at the child’s natural posture.  Secondly we will watch them move.  Lastly we take full x-rays.  Because of our exams we often can safety remove the scoliosis diagnosis.


The topic concussion doctors in the world are Chiropractors.  The doctor at Harvard brain and neurological center is a Chiropractor.  Because you can not have a head injury without a whiplash, chiropractors are leading this field.  If you are a patient here and have a child we would like to establish a baseline.  Remember concussions are bad but returning before fully healed is the greatest fear.  Having a baseline helps answer the question of when its s safe.