Can Chiropractic cause a miscarriage? No. For this week’s segment “ask the chiropractor” we received the question about miscarriages. Someone asked us if Chiropractic adjustment could result in a miscarriage. Because of our education, we knew it is completely safe for pregnant moms to get care. However we wanted to be certain so, we took a deeper dive. Because we want to be sure, we searched the internet. As a result of our search, no creditable website or research suggest Chiropractic care causes miscarriages. Here at our clinic, we have taken care of over a thousand pregnancies since 1949. Our clinic has tables that are designed to allow pregnancies to receive care. Our national association has a journal that focuses on pregnancy and newborn research. Here is a link to that site. Please click on that link and do some research or you can call us at any time. We are here to answer all your questions.