Can I get adjusted too often

This week’s question had returned. Can I get adjusted too often?  Often we will need to see people more regularly or less.  How is this determined?  Is there such a thing as being seen too often?

What if I come too much?

This is a simple thing, if you do not need an adjustment your will not adjust.  A chiropractic adjustment is designed to free a fixation in the spine.  If there is no fixation, then nothing will adjust.  This happens from time to time.  I have had patients report, seems like you can not get anything to adjust today.  In reality their spine is good and they have returned prior to needing to be in.  Bottom line, if you are back prior to needing an adjustment, nothing happens when the adjustment is attempted.  So you can not be adjusted too often.

How do you tell?

Chiropractors are trained to tell when you should and shouldn’t be adjusted.  The day of is a simple chiropractic exam.  We have chiropractic checks and exams we preform.  This is why we look at your feet length, your foot flair, shoulder height, and neck posture.  We use these findings with your x-rays to determine if you need care today.  Next time you are at your chiropractor make sure to ask them what they are checking.  Most chiropractors would love to explain what they are noting.


Your schedule can change with stress.  Because stress can change everything.  First you might get tighter muscles sooner.  Secondly stress can change your cardio health.  Lastly stress just makes you more hype-r inflammatory.


First the chiropractor has the job of determining when you should and shouldn’t get adjusted.  Secondly, if you are back to soon, no worries because the adjustment will not be there.   Lastly your care plan can change with added stress.